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Shenzhen U&U Magnetic Technology Co., Ltd. a name that has global recognition due to its committed research & continuous addition in terms of production methods & materials of soft Boards s. We undoubtedly are one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of quality magnetic photo frames & decorative magnetic board. Our products are trusted throughout the globe which includes a diverse range of products such as Blackboards, Ferrous soft whiteboard, decorative magnetic board, magnetic photo frames, magnetic dry erase board etc.

Quality is guaranteed with each Shenzhen product which is ensured through our experienced technical staff involved in reporting & testing of each product through extra care, state of the art technological equipment and advance level procedures alongside usage of top quality & environment friendly materials. Each our product is produced in accordance with international standards alongside passing of ISO9001 & RoHs which is why we are trusted by some of the top buyers & users of decorative magnetic board & Blackboards.

History of Decorative boards

Marker Board is referred for a piece of board whose surface is glossy widely used for erasable non-permanent markers. Boards are generally manufactured in 2 colors (Black/White). Due to their unique structure they quickly gained popularity after being introduced in mid-1990s. The Boards are quiet popular in numerous fields such as Schools, Hospitals, Multinational Companies, Conference Rooms etc. Whiteboards are one of the most popular types of whiteboard which provides the feasibility to display your desired pictures or magnetic display models on the whiteboard alongside writing your desired description.

Shenzhen’s Magnetic boards

Whiteboards/ Blackboards are known as one of the top products beneficial in terms of planning, organizing, teaching, scheduling etc. Being a legit magnetic photo frame supplier in China company mostly receives inquires via mail, telephone & facial interface asking questions related to the selection of either Magnetic or non magnetic white boards. Difference is quiet simple amongst clearly states that in terms of diversity & additional features Decorative magnetic board can surely come in handy. Normally decorative magnetic board can provide support in terms of magnetic acceptance that can be highly beneficial during conferences & planning. Manufacturing of Magnetic boards is done through applying porcelain or other similar material over a steel faced sheets which is finally baked to enable the surface to accept both dry erase & wet marker as well.

Shenzhen’s Non-Magnetic boards

Non-magnetic boards are manufactured through utilization of hardboard which is painted or coated alongside baking of the product to ensure cure & hardness. Most common reasons that you can consider during selection of a board is to ensure that selected item is highly durable, long lasting & provides ease of installation & cleaning. All these factors can be obtained through selection of Whiteboards as life-cycle & cleaning can be a problem in Non-Magnetic Boards. Usually Non-Magnetic white board faces ghosting problems.

Quality raw material

Shenzhen U&U believes in quality achieved through proper usage of materials. Being a renowned manufacturer & Supplier of decorative magnetic board we ensure diverse range of product availability which is why our board surfaces are manufactured through utilization of 4 materials that are most commonly preferred. Melamine being least costly is mostly consumed but it lacks in terms of quality. Hardcoat laminate is a similar type of surface but is qualitative alongside being stain resistant. Steel painted or Aluminum surfaces are highly reliable as they contain multiple layer coating which includes a base coating covered in color & clear coating which is actual dry erase component. Paint defers from quality to quality. Apart from all these most beneficial & preferred type of manufacturing material is porcelain enamel-on-steel. It is ceramic type class with steel base which makes it highly durable & long lasting. Alongside being magnetic these Boards are good deflectors of Ink. Being a reliable source of Blackboards & decorative magnetic board, porcelain applied boards ensure ease of cleaning. Given on the right is the video illustration of how you can use magnetic board for your DIY room decor

Our Ambition

U&U being one of the most cost efficient & reliable manufacturer & supplier of Interactive Whiteboards, Magnetic Dry Erase Whiteboards, Decorative Magnetic Boards, Liquid Pens, etc ensures that when it comes to learning our 1st goal is to ensure development of whiteboards that are most efficient, eco-friendly & easy to use not just for the teachers but for the students as well. U&U being a leader of whiteboard manufacturing is always looking forward to carry out new research in our specific field to ensure that during a lecture or presentation everyone gets the most out of our products. We think it’s worth the effort because our company believes in creating something extraordinary in your classroom that can benefit you and your students.

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